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Ideas for Easter

I love Easter! There is just something about the time of year, spring in the air and everything is getting lighter and brighter. And the Easter holiday is just a bit less stressful then Christmas. You just need to buy some Easter eggs, cook some good food and enjoy! We love going on long walks, having some nice food and just enjoying each other company over a good movie and some Icelandic Easter eggs :)

I've put together a list of some recipes that can really work for a nice Easter supper. Hope you find some inspiration :)

When I was growing up my mum always cooked lamb for Easter, usually a leg of lamb. And I have usually kept that tradition and cooked lamb myself. But I've also tried other things and what I find the best thing to do is to make something that you can just let the oven take care of. Slow cooking, one pot wonders and dishes like that are always a winner. That means you can just forget about it and let the oven do it's thing while you nibble on some nice chocolate.

Happy Easter everyone!

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