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The kitchen is open!

Finally I have opened the doors to my kitchen! I bought the name to the website, Silla's Kitchen a few months ago but never got my self to sit down and actually do something more about it. I didn't get my self to translate all my recipes from my old Icelandic blog page and move everything from there to here. But when I realized that I didn't have to have all of them here at the same time, I relaxed a bit and decided that I needed to start this thing, put a few recipes up and the rest would follow, soon. So hopefully this will fill up with some old, and new, recipes :)

I love food and love to share my passion. It is a great feeling to get a phonecall or a message saying I inspired someone to cook something amazing. I hope that I can continue with this page to inspire even more people to cook healthy, family friendly food. Please come with me on this journey, I hope it is going to be a long and healthy one.

Please join me in my kitchen and I would really love it if you would share my page when you like what you see. And please tell me if there is anything you want to see here, I will definately try to do the dishes you want me to.

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